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December 2, 2020
Welcome to…!

Campbell Business Club is a student-led extracurricular group at Campbell Collegiate in Regina, Saskatchewan. Launched in 2011, the business program equips students with the skills and experiences needed to conquer the world of business beyond the doors of Campbell. Since the beginning, the program has been creating, communicating and collaborating with thousands of students and business experts throughout the community. Campbell Business is a four-time SBTA Business School of the Year with another hopeful win on the horizon. is our newest and most ambitious venture to date! Before formally introducing the new Campbell Business Website, let's find out how this idea came about.

Flashing back to 2019, the business program saw massive changes. A high number of the executive team were either graduating or moving onto other business avenues. Coming into the 2019-2020 school year, many changes were presented to the club. I, Barnan Adhikari, was succeeding our program's first two-term president. In addition, the program introduced our first-ever Campbell Business Vice-Presidents, Sarah Weimer and Cade Falconer. That year was our most progressive and successful year to date. We started the year with many guest speakers around Regina such as Andrew Hiltz, Jeph Maystruck, and Sal Moolla to name a few. This was followed by many exciting trips to the Abex Awards, Emerging Labour Trends and Local Market. Heading into 2020, we raised over $200 during one day’s worth of Hot Chocolate sales. All the proceeds went to the “Coldest Night of the Year” fundraiser with a few of our business students partaking in the cold walk to continue to raise funds and awareness.

Campbell Business’ core idea has stayed the same since inception, to create, to communicate and to collaborate. Unfortunately, this year we can’t physically be together due to COVID-19. With a need to get a handle on the situation, we pivoted Campbell Business to ensure a strong foundation is left for future students. After months of deliberation, we eventually came up with Our website will serve as a way for us to highlight the growing business scene around the city and give students a platform to share stories about local businesses, entrepreneurs and community heroes. The executive team has been hard at work collaborating to build a unique site, design a marketing campaign and communicate with business owners and experts to create content for not only students but the business world. In essence, is an all-inclusive spot for your daily stories, interviews, and many more forums based around the topic of student business. For our students out there, you can easily partake in our project. Any dedicated student will be able to submit their ideas, prototype or finished product on our submission page.

A special thanks goes out to those who helped us take that next step. Firstly, our two website technicians: Arden Sinclair and Ali Rizvi for laying the foundations of our website. I would also like to thank our marketing staff: Aarsh Shah and Zana Osman for creating our official launch. In addition, a further thanks goes to the rest of the executives: Mercedes Phillips, Minjung Kim, Shouzab Awan, and Myles Obrigitwich, as well as VPs Sarah Weimer and Cade Falconer for their continued dedication, incredible amounts of help and loyalty. And finally, none of this would be possible without our two wonderful teacher advisors, Mrs. Jill Labas and Mrs. Carol Bachynski. Their extracurricular commitment has continued to inspire all Saskatchewan students to become a better version of themselves.

No one has been left unaffected by COVID-19. We’d like to shine a spotlight on those who have done more than just survived, but to those who have thrived. Our team is dedicated to this project and passionate about exploring the doors it may open for us and creating a sense of positivity in these difficult times. We hope to see you join us. Let’s make history one step at a time, together.

Barnan Adhikari
President, Campbell Business


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