About Campbell Business

Over 10 years of combined intellect, experience, and connections all in one website

Campbell Business Program is a student-led extracurricular club at Campbell Collegiate High School based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Founded in 2011 by teachers Jordan McFarlen, Carissa Holinaty, and

Carol Bachynski to provide students educational real-life business skills that represent today’s business world. Since its inception, the program has educated thousands of students moving forward to the world business stage being recognized nationally as well as internationally. Campbellbusiness.org is Campbell Collegiate Business Program’s newest and most ambitious venture to date! Before introducing you to the new Campbell Business, let us take you behind the scenes and how this venture came about.

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After pausing the Campbell Business Club very early due to the pandemic, the entire executive team/club was devastated. Throughout Covid-19, our team brainstormed and deliberated how to create a Covid-19 friendly platform for our students as well as connecting to the business world. The team came out with creativity swirling and after many virtual and physically distant meetings, our new venture was conceived; CampbellBusiness.org!


We continue to create, collaborate, and communicate only shifting our focus to helping the Regina community and those around us to create positive change. In so, we have moved to an online, hands-on learning platform. Any interested student at Campbell Collegiate will be able to create a story about local businesses, entrepreneurs, and local heroes. Our main goal is to highlight and help those who have made this extremely difficult time better in our community. We will be sharing these stories, whether that be an interview, article, or video on our website and social media. This is a very exciting time for us all at Campbell Business and would like for you to join us. Our biggest goal with Campbellbusiness.org is to allow students to create passion projects and continue to collaborate about business. As well as, giving back to our  Regina community that has always supported Campbell Business and all its endeavors. Covid-19 has brought on some of the hardest moments in many people’s lives, at Campbell Business, we understand and are connecting with you to create and present positive moments in our community/business Covid-19 world.